When she was forty-five years old, non-athlete Deb Denis set a goal to climb Africa’s tallest peak before she turned fifty. She knew she could train up for the challenge—she had five years to get ready for it, after all. The opportunity to go to East Africa presented itself much sooner than she expected and at a time when she and her family were in crisis

Hear the story of one brave woman’s journey—how she prepared to go it alone and the heart-wrenching life lessons she learned along the way, lessons that will have meaning for anyone who has experienced challenges and loss in their own life.

From the book:

It was just two short weeks ago that I’d expressed my intention to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I thought it would be years away. Yet here it was, right in my lap, as if the universe responded to my request to climb the mountain by saying, “Okay, you asked for it so I’m bringing it within reach. Now, what will you do with this opportunity?”

Excerpt from a review by Emily Riley in Main Line Today Magazine:

“Determined to be a ‘lighter presence in the world,’ Newtown Square’s Deb Denis made the ascent of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2011. Faced with her mother’s brain cancer diagnosis, and despite athletic shortcomings, Denis forged ahead with her journey to East Africa, overcoming fear and pushing her physical limits. Kilimanjaro chronicles all the things that made the climb possible, from meditation and diet to intense reflection and, ultimately, hope”


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