About the Author

deb denis This website is designed to accompany the book, Kilimanjaro – One Woman’s Journey to the Roof of Africa and Beyond released in Summer 2012, marking the one-year anniversary of Deb Denis’ solo summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

This book, by a 46 year old non-athlete and first-time author, describes the thought process and research approach she took to prepare her for the adventure of a lifetime.   Let her research support your own, let her experiences inspire you.

This website brings you what a book cannot: here you can hear Deb’s words in recordings made on the mountain, see the landscape in her videos and photographs.

Combined, the book and the website allow you to hear and share in the story of one brave woman’s journey.  Find out how she prepared to go it alone and the life lessons she learned along the way, lessons that will have meaning for anyone who has experienced challenges in their own life.

When you believe in yourself, big things are possible.

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