An excerpt from the chapter “Day 7”:

I was entranced by the rocks I found at Lava Tower Camp. Formed from molten lava over 360,000 years ago, they were bewitching.

I learned from Honest that the summit is getting shorter, closer to sea level. He thinks it’s because so many people take rocks from the summit. So I decided that this team should do its part to rebuild the mountain and selected a few stones to bring to the top. One for Honest and one for me, I was determined to symbolically contribute to the rebuilding of the summit. I tucked one extra piece into my bag to take home and though I could not in the moment decide which of the three pieces it would be, I didn’t have to just yet, and tucked them all into my backpack. One piece now sits with me on my desk at home and, since obsidian is a powerful stone, I hold it when I feel the need for clarity.

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